Holiday: Tuesday

Holidays: July

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm

Saturday from 1pm to 11pm (kitchen open)

Sunday from 9am to 8pm

Salons capacity: 25 pers. / 35 pers. / 135 pers.

Menu adapted to vegetarians and coeliacs.




Handicapped accessibility

Card payment

We accept gourmet and Sodexho tickets

Free WIFI for customers


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The restaurant opened around 1932, not as a restaurant but as a farmhouse. Back then, people would spend a few days taking care of their health. On the one hand, were those who had asthma, those with bronchitis and others who were recommended by a doctor in order to change their way of living.

At that time, the house was in charge of the great-grandparents, Dominica and Salvador.

They had homegrown garden, cows, poultry, hen, etc… And they cooked on demand. It didn’t matter, both could go to the garden to pick some vegetables or kill a chicken at midnight. They never said no.

Typical dishes were omelets (tortilla) and chicken. People were not going so well fed as now and it was a luxury to eat eggs, chicken or drink fresh milk.

The war was over and the business was for their sons, the grandparents, Conception and Feliu, who transformed the stables in canteens, they expanded the house and made reforms in order to improve the serve for their customers, who were mostly manufacturers who came with their families on weekends. The first menu was written then. The food was the same, but they also introduced grilled meats, especially rabbit with beans.

It was also typical that cyclists stopped for having breakfast.

After that, the ostentatious grills and fish fried, were entered. People already had better economic freedom, were good years, they ate without limitation, everything looked good, and it was time for giving the baton to his son Ramón and Nuri, his wife, who introduced rice. They gave color and odor.

They enlarged the kitchen, and other parts of the house were accommodated to the new situation. The demand for rice has been increasing until today. Nowadays we can say it’s our specialization.

And at this point in history, we have to say THANK YOU, in capital letters; thank you to all customers who have trusted in us over so many years and to our family; everybody, thank you for their tenacity, wherever they are.

Thanks to every person who have made that today we can have the doors open.